“Your knowledge has been an invaluable part of my process as an actor. The vigour and passion you have inspired in me is what fuels me. You are a remarkable man and teacher.”
— Georgia, Sydney

“Dean, you have given me the most amazing opportunity. Thank you!”
— Tayman, Sydney

“Dean, what you have given me will be invaluable on my journey. No amount of thanks will ever match this.”
— Zac, Sydney

“I am in a state of pure joy, hope and confidence about my future as an actress and as a person. I know without doubt that I will live with and utilise the ideas offered in my life and career will take off!  Thank you.”
— Angela, Sydney

“One of the most profound and inspirational motivations in my future career. Thanks to Dean and the crew for unlocking that child within and allowing him to surface.”
— Johan, Sydney

“Dean’s commitment to release and believe in me…  Dean you are an extraordinary human being. You meet anybody any time without judgement. You inspire me to grow and be more!”
— Kylie, Sydney

“My questions were answered — my faith restored. My belief & conviction is stronger than ever. Thank you for the tools to fight the demons. Thank you.”
— Gerry, Sydney

“The opportunity to slow down, step back and try to see what I really want in my life. Learning! Playing! Growing!”
— Peggy, Canada

“You gave me joy and hope in my work. I’ve been connected with my BELIEF in myself, my work. What a huge gift.”
— Susan, Auckland

“Thank you for giving me access into my spirit, my bliss. Your passion, humour and humanity allows me to experience mine.”
— Sara, Auckland

“To be able to find the real me and be open to others — thank you!”
— Hector, Holland

“Feeling brotherhood with all of the wonderful people sharing the same purpose: the opportunity to be “the best” and discover our true potential.”
— Olijandra, Argentina

“I have found a part of myself I didn’t know I had. I feel more confident, strong, and have a newfound energy to continue with my life’s dream.”
— Oscar, Sweden

“An amazing experience that will change my life completely around. You made such a huge difference and I want to thank you for that.”
— Oathi, Switzerland

“LIFE! MINE! 110%! THINK BIG! THINK DIFFERENT! Hearing hearts and souls speaking… being inspired by passionate people.”
— Alex, France

“Giving people permission to go ‘there’ and letting people know that wherever ‘there’ is, is ‘O.K.’ ”
— Ray, USA

“Thank you for listening, sharing, supporting and trusting me… but I don’t want to go home! Do you have any place to take me with you?”
— Severie, Switzerland

“The emotional environment that allowed me to open up and gain confidence and truly believe in myself.”
— Debora, Canada